Must Know! Key Terms Of A Quick Cash Loan Without Survey

Want to make a quick cash loan without a survey? First, prepare the main conditions for direct submission. Check out the requirements and tips to get your application rejected!

For those who have already applied for a bank loan, it may have been a very complicated process as banks usually do the survey first. Especially if you are applying for a home loan or a multipurpose credit that has a collateral assessment process. With the survey, the loan process will definitely take a long time. What if we really need an emergency fund? You can’t wait any longer. But is there a quick cash loan without a survey? Of course, there are.

A quick cashless loan without a survey can be obtained through online loans. By applying for a loan online, there is no survey process like a bank loan without a loan or a multipurpose credit provided by a bank. This is because of all the quick cash lending processes without online surveys. From filing to disbursement. Before applying for a quick cash loan without a survey, it’s best to know some of the advantages and disadvantages to be aware of:

Easy Submission Process

Easy Submission Process

Since quick cash loans without surveys are done online, the process of applying is easier. You can apply anywhere and anytime without having to come and queue for hours at the lender’s office. With just a few gadgets and internet networks, you can apply for a quick cash loan without a survey.

But remember, make sure your internet connection is stable and secure. Don’t make it when you apply for a loan, the process is interrupted due to internet connection due to slack.

Quick Funds Disbursement

You need to know about fast cash loans without a survey conducted online, the process of disbursement of funds very quickly. This is because all of the data and documents provided are already digital so the submission can be processed immediately. Alternatively, applying for a loan without a loan or a multipurpose credit that requires you to provide physical data is not a scan.

No Warranty

No Warranty

As the name implies, unsolicited fast cash loans do not require a guarantee for a loan. That way you don’t have to worry about valuing your valuable assets like home certificates, land, buildings, even ECPB (Motor Vehicle Ownership Book). Usually people are reluctant to apply for a loan if they know they are required to provide a guarantee.

No Survey

As mentioned earlier, this type of loan does not require a survey process such as coming directly to the borrower’s office or home. The lender just needs to go through the data verification process over the phone. Therefore, you will need to provide an active and contactable phone number at all times as many cases of fast cash loan applications without surveys are rejected because the given phone number cannot be reached.

Conditions Not Slick

Fast cashless unsolicited cash loans also have unmatched requirements like other types of bank loans. This is what makes this loan so popular with the general public. That way you don’t have to worry about preparing a lot of terms and documents.

Limited Loan Nominations

Limited Loan Nominations

Unfortunately, unsecured quick cash loans have only a limited number of loans or loan plans. If unsecured credit or multipurpose credit can lend you up to hundreds of millions of dollars, a quick cashless survey can only give you 24-hour online loans up to tens of millions of dollars. The average loan amount is only $ 20 million to $ 3 million.

Short Term Loan Duration

The loan term provided by a quick cash loan without a survey is very short because it is less than one year. This is because the loan amount given is not so large that it doesn’t take much to pay the installment. Typically the timeframe ranges from 90 days (3 months) to 180 days (6 months).

Highly Flowered

The interest rate provided by a quick cash loan without a survey is higher than other types of loans. The factors that make this fast cash loan without this survey have high-interest rates are due to the relatively low loan numbers and short term loan duration. Interest rates are also based on the policy of fast cash lending providers without surveys and are not dependent on market interest rates.

Suspicion of Online Fraud

In fact, one of the biggest drawbacks of unsecured quick cash loans is that they are vulnerable to online fraud. You must have heard the news about the online scams of the people. But this risk can be avoided by choosing a lender overseen by OJK (Financial Services Authority) to be safe and trustworthy. One of the loan providers that oversees OJK is Prospero.

Major Terms of Quick Cash Lending Without Survey

Major Terms of Quick Cash Lending Without Survey

For those of you who want to make a quick cash loan without a survey, there are five basic requirements that you must meet:


The first requirement that you usually have to provide is your ID or Resident Card. This ID is intended to indicate that you are a citizen of Indonesia old enough to be able to apply for a quick cash loan without a survey. Although there are basic ID requirements, you must also meet the minimum and maximum age requirements. Minimum must be 21 years and maximum 65.

Have a Fixed Income

Next, you need to have a fixed income each month. Usually, there will be columns of data that require you to fill in your current job status as well as the monthly earnings you have. The type of job you do is not a problem in fast cash loans without a guarantee as long as you have a fixed income. But never fabricate your data! You have to fill it out properly and honestly because if you find that you are filling in the wrong personal data, then the provider will immediately put you on the blacklist.

Salary Slip

In addition to having a fixed income, you will usually be asked to include a payslip document when applying for a fast, unsecured cash loan. Then what if we weren’t regular employees? If you are a professional or entrepreneur, you can include a bank account or photocopy of your savings book for the last three months as your financial statement to the lender. You can also give the Annual SPT.

Personal Bank Account

Lastly, there is a requirement to have a personal bank account. Why can’t you use someone else’s account? This is intended for providers to easily synchronize or verify data.

These are some of the key requirements that a fast cash lender often offers without a survey that you can prepare before applying. But remember, always remember to always do careful calculations and read the terms of the lender carefully. We hope you can get a quick and easy cash loan without a survey!

What does credit history say?

Few consumers in Lithuania have a habit of inquiring about their credit history before applying for a loan or paying for a hire purchase. While many tend to think they know everything about themselves, experts recommend that you check your credit history periodically to avoid unpleasant surprises when you need financial services.

Credit history is often referred to as the “black box”, which holds for decades a record of financial obligations, how they are discharged, or how well they pay their bills for telephone, electricity and other services. “Credit history is like a resume of human financial strength and discipline,” says Andrius Bogdanovic, CEO of Fezziwig.

Although more than 220 thousand people are interested in their credit history in Lithuania. population, this concept still faces the myths prevailing in the country. So how do you build a good credit history and keep it healthy?

What Is A Credit History?

What Is A Credit History?

Credit history is like a mirror, allowing you to see everyone’s financial habits and ability to deal with them. The credit history consists of two parts, one of which is information about financial obligations, such as credit cards you own or have held, consumer and mortgage credit, etc. The second, but not least, information about your payment history, other obligations such as telephone bills, utilities, and others.

Everyone builds their credit history from adulthood when they make their first financial commitments – start using a credit card, take out a consumer loan, buy a car leasing. Borrowing responsibly and paying your liabilities on time creates a good credit history. On the contrary, borrowing impulsively and inadequately can delay the credit history of repayments of financial liabilities.

Finance, telecommunications, insurance, transport, fuel supply, postal and many other companies in the country provide data to the credit bureau, which mirrors this data in credit history. This means that only the data provided by the creditors is shown in the credit history.

Faces the prevailing myths

Faces the prevailing myths

According to, a growing number of clients know what their credit history is and are familiar with. AgnÄ— VolosenkinaitÄ—, the head of real estate products for the longest-running platform in the country, also notes that while people are no longer surprised at checking their credit history while borrowing, there are places to improve.

“We often remind our clients that financial commitments, such as loans for consumer, vehicle purchase or other purposes, can be a timely and responsible way of building a good or improving credit history. Such practice is very popular in foreign countries, but in Lithuania it is not understood that the current loan may help to obtain more favorable financing conditions in the future, and some people even fear that it will worsen their credit history, ”says A. VolosenkinaitÄ—.

A. Bogdanovich mentions another myth prevalent in society – supposedly credit history can be erased.

“We often receive requests to delete data so that it is not visible to financial, telecommunications or other businesses. However, such applicants are disappointed because the correct data is not “artificially returned” or erased until the credit bureau has a 10-year period to process it, “says Bogdanovich, stressing that the number of such requests is decreasing.

Steps towards a good credit history

Steps towards a good credit history

If you want to keep your credit history intact, it is recommended that you follow 5 rules that will help you have a good financial standing and discipline:

Borrow moderately and responsibly. The Bank of Lithuania proposes a 40 percent rule, which requires borrowing to calculate a maximum of 40 percent per month for loan repayment and interest payments. of regular income.

  • Old obligations not to be more expensive. It is recommended that you avoid borrowing to cover old liabilities unless you refinance them on more favorable terms.
  • Do not borrow for a down payment on the loan. For example, it is recommended that you do not borrow for a mortgage loan contribution.
  • Pay credit, utility bills, utilities and other goods on time.
  • Periodically access your personal credit history report.

With a new gadget – credit history is always at hand

Although frequent consumers in financial institutions borrow and buy in installments, only a few apply for credit properly prepared, according to a population survey. Smartphone app Goodpass will help people get to know their personal finances better. It provides all financial information that financial institutions see when applying for funding.

A survey by research firm Synopticom showed that 81% of respondents plan to buy or have already purchased financial products. However, the vast majority of consumers – or 61% – are unaware of their credit rating, and 30% have no idea what their financial data is about a credit institution applying for credit.

Mortgage credit, car leasing or a credit card

Mortgage credit, car leasing or a credit card

Make life easier at different stages. It is now easier to predict whether or not a financial institution will grant credit, and if so, under what terms. The Goodpass mobile app developed by our team will help you find answers to these questions. It will allow your phone to have structured information from your bank statement, your credit history report and your credit rating. With all of this on your phone, you can quickly and accurately evaluate your credit or leasing opportunities, ”says Justinas Kaminskas, Director of Start-up UAB Goodpass.

Good Finance’s analysis reveals that non-bank consumer credit and leasing companies were at the top of 2017. On average, 74% of citizens rejected their credit applications, so it is important for citizens to know better what they will look for when applying for funding. According to the survey, 14% of respondents plan to buy by leasing, similarly to a consumer loan or a small loan.

“This gadget is like a mirror that says, ‘come on, look at the bank today.’ I believe that start-up efforts can significantly change the level of financial literacy of consumers in Lithuania and, in the short term, in other countries as well, ”says Andrius Bogdanovic, CEO of credit bureau Good Finance.

Market research company Synopticom conducted a representative online survey of 503 people in 2017. December 21-28, commissioned by starter Goodpass.

The Goodpass app can be downloaded free on Google Play by smartphone owners and the App Store on iPhone owners.

Goodpass develops smart bank scanning, facial recognition and other smart solutions. It runs the Good Finance Sandbox, a sandbox for business. Designed by Goodpass, the app allows citizens and businesses to easily share their credit history, bank statements, credit rating, and financial passport with credit providers and other businesses on their smartphones.

About Good Finance


The Good Finance credit bureau is an information system provided (and retrieved) by commercial banks, credit unions, leasing, consumer credit, telecommunications and other companies. Using advanced forecasting techniques, the credit bureau develops rating models that predict future customer behavior, programming customer application management and other systems.

The credit bureau plays an important role in the financial system by helping financial institutions make sound credit decisions and by facilitating access to finance for sound businesses and citizens.