Tips and Tricks for Direct Unsecured Fund Loans

Loans without liquid direct-loan funds do offer a lot of conveniences, but despite all this, there has been little refusal to apply. Check out these tips and tricks to get a securities loan with no immediate guarantee!

Ever heard of a bank loan without a liquid guarantee? Or have you already filed? Loans with unsecured direct loans or better known as unsecured credit are a type of loan that does not require collateral or collateral so the repayment process is faster. It usually takes from 1-14 business days for the funds to flow into your savings account.

We have always thought that applying for a loan without a liquid guarantee can be easily approved. In fact, it is not uncommon for submissions to be rejected. Of course, this objection is due to different things.

For those of you who want to apply for a loan without a direct guarantee, Good Finance has some tips and tricks to do:

Meet the Terms

Meet the Terms

The first thing to do is to meet the requirements provided by the loan lender without any liquid guarantee. There are many cases of refusal to apply for unsecured funds lending because prospective borrowers do not meet the requirements. So make sure you first read through the terms provided, from the minimum and maximum of the borrower’s age, homeownership, minimum income, credit card ownership, minimum credit card limit, and so on.

Therefore, look for a place where liquid loan providers without a direct guarantee do not have a stringent requirement to make it easier for you to apply for a loan. Examples include Good Finance, who only requires a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 55 at the time of repayment, having a National Identity Card, National Identity Number, and a local bank account.

Prepare Required Documents

In addition to meeting the requirements, you also need to prepare the necessary documents. Different places where unsecured loan lenders are different. But an average place without a direct deposit loan will ask you to prepare a photocopy or scan of your national ID, a photocopy of your ID, and your original payslip. In addition to these three documents, there are several loan lenders who have also asked for a bank account for the last three months, proof of domination (in the form of electric or telephone bills), marriage certificate, QA (Family Card), and so on.

You need to bring it down if the photocopies or scans you make must be legible. Don’t write it blurry, blurry, or shudder because the document you submitted will never be accepted and returned to you. This is the case where many unsecured loan applications are rejected. So try to re-check the document you are about to submit.

Having a Bank Account and Payroll will be easier to approve

When applying for unsecured loans, keep in mind the bank account of your lender’s partner bank. Let’s say you will apply for a loan without a direct deposit on Good Finance, if you have a local or domestic savings account, then your submission will be easily approved as the main requirement is to have a local savings account. If you don’t have one, then your submission will be rejected. Therefore, paying attention to your partner bank account is very important.

In addition to a partner bank account, having a payroll account will also help you a lot. A payroll account is an account you use for payroll transfers from the company you work for. So suppose that among the seven local banks above, your paycheck is being transferred to a standalone Bank account, then you can include that standalone Payroll account when applying for an unsecured loan. How can a payroll account help with unsecured direct lending? This is because the lender will be able to deduct the monthly debt installment directly from the payroll bank account to make the process of debiting easier.

Make sure the Debt Note is clean

Make sure the Debt Note is clean


A good and timely loan installment payment will make the lender with no guarantee of liquidity believe your ability to pay off the debt. So make sure that your name is not on the list BI blacklist checking. How do I check it? You can check BI checking in the SLIK (Financial Information Services System) application launched by OJK (Financial Services Authority) or you can also access the official website of OJK.

What if you already have a credit balance? Try paying off your debt arrears immediately and monitoring your BI checking. If you still have bad credit records, you can report it to your bank or credit institution to clear your credit card.

Online Loans Faster

Unsecured loans can be applied offline as well as online, but do you know that it turns out that unsecured funds lending online can melt faster. Of course, there is a reason. All of the requirements documents that you provide offline will be transferred scanned later, which may take some time to process. In addition, if you apply for a loan without any direct deposit online, all of the required document documentation must be digitally scanned so that it can be processed immediately by your lender.

Choose the Right Time to Apply for a Loan

Choose the Right Time to Apply for a Loan

Other tips you can apply are to choose the right time to apply for a bank loan without any liquid guarantee. The best time to apply for a loan is on a Monday-Thursday because it is still a workday calculation so once the terms of the document have been approved, they can be transferred to your personal account immediately. The other thing is if you apply on Fridays, then the process will wait the next day.

You should also keep an eye on the hours of operation at the office where the loan lender is without liquid guarantee. You should not apply for a loan when the hours are up because it will be processed the next day.

Learn about unsecured direct lending

Once you have done the six tips and tricks above, make sure to also carefully study the liquid loan product without any immediate guarantee you may wish to apply, ranging from loan terms, loan terms, interest rates, additional costs, and more. conditions apply. By studying a loan without a direct guarantee of liquidity, your application will be streamlined and processed quickly so the funds can be liquid immediately.

Credit agreements with business increased

With the growth of trusted companies in the market, banks and other financial institutions have signed more credit agreements with business in the first half, credit bureau data show.

At the end of June, 83.6% of companies in Lithuania had “good” credit ratings, which indicated that the likelihood of late payment by these companies was low or medium. The number of good companies is 0.4 percentage points higher than a year ago, when it comprised 83.2% of operating companies in Lithuania.

“The proportion of trustworthy companies increased slightly for reasons of the whole. These include the continued creditworthiness of companies, the increase in the share of profitable companies last year and a 0.9% increase in total corporate income. True, corporate financial reports show that overall corporate growth was twice as slow as a year earlier (1.9%), ”says Andrius Bogdanovic, CEO of Basil Ransom, a credit bureau where financial institutions value customer credit.

More credit agreements

More credit agreements

According to preliminary data from the credit bureau, in 2017 In the first half of the year, financial institutions concluded 4% more credit agreements with business than a year ago. The quality of credit issued this year was better than last year. For example, during January-June, credit institutions with credit institutions averaged 5.5 (on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 indicates the lowest risk). The average credit rating of companies that received financing in January-June last year was slightly “inferior” to 5.7.

In the first half of the year, the need for working capital to borrow decreased, and companies borrowed more for investment by taking long-term loans. The median of working capital loans was LTL 20 thousand. Eur. The median for investment and development loans was 17 thousand. Eur. Service companies accounted for the largest share of credit agreements – 26% – with wholesale and retail companies accounting for 19% and transport companies for 14%.

The economy is growing, so are exports, and low interest rates

The economy is growing, so are exports, and low interest rates

Allow businesses to borrow at a favorable price. In the next half-year we can expect that the need for business financing will not decrease. On the other hand, companies are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, which turns into uncertainty as to whether the investment will increase their production and customer service capacity. From a financial institution perspective, moderately better corporate financial ratios for lenders are a sign of the growing number of potentially good clients in the market that can be funded, ”says the head of the credit bureau.

Looking ahead to 2018, the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which will enter into force in January, will open up new opportunities for business. Although it poses many challenges for banks, the entry into force of the directive and the transformation of the financial market will in the long term inevitably accelerate the automation of credit solutions and the development of new solutions. Start-up focused funding platforms are already opening up new business finance opportunities.